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Have you seen the addyverse?

All addyOne members get access to the addyverse – a unique digital twin of all of your addy investments captured as part of your very own city!  Gotta collect them all! If you’re already an addy member, share in the comments below how many miniprops your’ve collected! If you’re not a member, then you’d better […]

Real estate investing just got a whole lot more accessible thanks to our new addy app

There’s an analogy I keep coming back to when I try to explain what a healthy real estate investing portfolio should look like. Think of a city: it begins with people. They build homes in desirable areas close to parks and schools. Then grocery stores, cafes and shops soon crop up nearby. Businesses set up […]

The addy iOS App is Here!

The addy app available in the App Store

We at addy are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of our game-changing, barrier-busting, super fun iOS app! Here’s what you need to know. addy Mobile iOS app addy’s mobile iOS app is now available to Canadians, as we continue to break down barriers to real estate investing. Using the addy app, Canadians over the […]