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405 Main St. in Hamilton: Fully Funded!

Funding complete! Congratulations to all those who took part in crowdfunding real estate; you helped break down barriers to make property ownership accessible for all. The stats: 1,250+ Canadians invested. Average investment of about $290. Fully funded $500,000! On to the next… It’s time to get the next addy up on the platform! Get ready […]

405 Main Street has Dropped!

Affordable Housing Development Opportunity in?Hamilton, ON 405 Main Street has dropped! This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a 96-unit, 100% affordable housing property with a primarily societal impact in Hamilton, ON. There is $500,000 available on this drop. We’ve all the details on our property page. You can also learn more […]

Booming Business and Real Estate in Hamilton

City skyline with the words "Hamilton, ON" underneath with numerous arrows pointing upward

addy is returning to Hamilton once again for a fourth investment opportunity in the Ambitious City. Given that rosy-coloured nickname over 170 years ago, it definitely looks to be living up to it today. That’s because Hamilton is booming! We’ll take a look at all the attractive qualities of this growing Ontario city for those […]

Affordable Housing and addy

Computer graphic smartphone with "for sale" above a complex. Dollar signs and an stressed emoji are nearby.

High property prices, a scarcity of housing and aggressive bidding wars continue to make it difficult for those seeking an affordably-priced home. Whether you’re buying or renting, Canadians across the country are struggling to find proper accommodation that is adequate, suitable and affordable. A number of initiatives have been set forth at both a provincial […]