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The Cambie Apartments have Dropped!

Cambie Apartments in Broadway Corridor of Vancouver, the latest addy

Cambie Apartments in Vancouver, BC Cambie Apartments have dropped! This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a newly renovated and fully occupied 19-unit multifamily apartment building in the Vancouver Broadway Corridor that integrates heritage elements with modern features. There is $1,200,000 available on this drop. We’ve all the details on our property […]

Vancouver Crowdfunded Real Estate

Vancouver crowdfunded real estate

The latest addy is located in the heart of Vancouver, the Canadian city that, at the moment, has the highest rents in the country and is neck and neck with Toronto for the highest prices for those looking to buy. Vancouver may be at a crossroads, however, with some experts forecasting a dip in prices […]

What’s so Special About Vancouver’s Broadway Plan?

The Broadway Plan

addy’s latest investment opportunity is right in our backyard! Well, sort of. The Cambie Apartments in Vancouver are not too far from addy HQ, and we’re so excited to offer this historic building as a crowdfunding investment opportunity on our platform. One noteworthy aspect about this property is that it is located within a revitalization […]