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What is Fractional Real Estate?

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The possibility of property ownership for many Canadians seems increasingly unlikely, with daunting prices, fierce bidding and a scarcity of available options. However, not all hope is lost, as fractional ownership offers an accessible and affordable means to still achieve the dream of property ownership and the chance to potentially earn passive income. Here’s how […]

Celebrating addy Milestones

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With over 20 properties and counting, addy continues to grow, learn and enable more Canadians to invest in commercial real estate. We’ve seen some unique properties over addy’s young lifespan, including a smart hotel in Montreal, a campus-style office park in Calgary and an affordable housing complex in Hamilton. We also saw several Owners’ Days […]

Brandon Beavis’ Day at addy

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addy strives to not only make real estate accessible for everyone, but also explain how and why investing in real estate can be advantageous. That’s because commercial real estate in particular has traditionally been closed off to the average Canadian. addy’s crowdfunding platform, however, opens to the doors to those interested in diversification and passive […]

Vernon Crowdfunded Real Estate

J.S. Colton-Fox Building in Vernon BC surrounded by coins and dollars

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but real estate is booming all over Canada, from big urban centers to scenic mountain towns. The latest addy investment opportunity is dropping in Vernon, British Columbia, a bucolic city in the Okanagan region that too is seeing a rising market. Here’s what is happening in Vernon and […]

What Happens if addy Doesn’t Complete a Funding?

The basic principle behind crowdfunding is that a group of people pool their money towards a common goal that would otherwise be too high for any one person to achieve alone. Crowdfunding can help people pay for medical bills or tuition, assist in development of a creative project or in the case of addy, allow […]

addy Launches First 100% Affordable Housing Development

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Launches First 100% Affordable Housing Development Residents across BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec Can Invest In a 96-unit, 100% affordable multifamily development in Hamilton, Ontario Vancouver, B.C. (March 1, 2022) — addy, a Vancouver-based proptech start-up that is breaking down barriers to real estate ownership, today announced its first property […]

Real Estate Volatility vs. Stock Market Volatility

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With platforms like addy breaking down barriers to real estate investment, more people are adding this asset class to their portfolio. For those who traditionally invest in stocks, putting money into real estate is a different way to earn some passive income while diversifying one’s portfolio. One of the key advantages of investing in real […]

What Makes addy’s Crowdfunding Real Estate Platform Unique?

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addy was formed with the goal of breaking down traditional barriers to real estate investing and property ownership by crowdfunding real estate. addy believes in empathy: we understand and appreciate the existing obstacles to property ownership. We also believe in curiosity: we are constantly trying to improve our product while seeking out the best opportunities […]

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Opens to Quebec Residents; Launches 20th Investment Property Located in Montreal

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, addy, Opens to Quebec Residents; Launches 20th Investment Property Located in Montreal addy Members across BC, Alberta, Ontario and Now Quebec Can Invest In A Boutique Hotel Located In Montreal, for as Little as $1 Vancouver, B.C. (February 4, 2022) — addy, a Vancouver-based proptech start-up that is breaking down barriers […]

Pros and Cons of Real Estate Crowdfunding

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At any point in the last few years, it’s likely the real estate market near you was described as “red-hot.” A confluence of events has led to markets all across Canada, in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver and smaller burbs like Thunder Bay and Nanaimo, to rise significantly and keep out younger generations and […]