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Owners’ Days: Issuer’s All-Time Distributions and Exits (Updated: August 2023)

Piggy bank with addy distributions and exits going in

Investing in real estate allows you to #GetRichSlow. You’re not just buying and selling shares across a day like stocks; instead, you’re putting money towards a relatively illiquid asset class that has the chance to generate passive income over years to come. Issuers offer investment opportunities in institutional grade commercial real estate properties across Canada […]

7 Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Know

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Commercial real estate investing is historically inaccessible to the average Canadian. This is due to the price tag, which often isn’t lower than $3 million and frequently trends over $50 and even $100 million. addy, however, seeks to break barriers of investing in such properties by crowdfunding investments across multiple parties, essentially lowering the price […]

What is Owners’ Day?

Investing in real estate takes patience and preparation, but in time, there’s a chance to earn passive income and #GetRichSlow. addy properties vary by risk level, term length, IRR and ROI, but when they pay out to invested members, it calls for a celebration. We call that special moment Owners’ Day. What is Owners’ Day? […]

It’s Owners’ Day for our Calgary and Chilliwack Investors!

It's Owners' Day

Happy Owners’ day to our addy investors of a pair of exciting Canadian commercial real estate properties! What is Owners’ Day? It’s the day when your addy investments issue you a distribution! There can be multiple Owners’ Days throughout the term of your investment. Which addy’s are part of today’s Owners’ Day? If you’re an […]

addy Member Feedback Triggers Updated Projections

We recently received a question from an addy member asking what the Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is on our property at 45604 Airport Road in Chilliwack, BC. This was our second property and at the time we didn’t include projected IRR or ROI in the Offering Memorandum or on […]