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Master the Six Basic Rules of Investing

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We invest our money with a goal make more money. The ‘why’ of investing isn’t complicated, but the ‘how’ is far trickier. Whether you’re looking into stocks and bonds, dabbling in cryptocurrency or seeking newfound opportunities in real estate with barrier-busting platforms like addy, you should know what you’re doing. With that in mind, let’s […]

Analyzing IRR: What to Know About this Key Metric

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One of the more common ways to analyze the profitability of an investment is with a metric known as IRR. Internal Rate of Return is a useful forecasting tool and a means to guide courses of action. It’s also a metric that addy features prominently in just about every available property. We’ll take a look […]

Top Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

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Investing in real estate may help diversify a portfolio, open up new streams of income  and provide you with a long term property to live in or rent out. However, this asset class takes plenty of work and preparation to unlock, especially compared to say stocks, which you can buy and sell with ease across […]

Analyzing ROI: What to Know About this Key Metric

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One of the most commonly used metrics to assess a transaction is ROI: return on investment. It’s a key figure often analyzed when making any kind of financial decision as well as reflecting on the success or failure of an investment. It’s also a powerful number that addy uses in a forecasted timetable for an […]

How Dollar-Cost Averaging Works

There are countless ways to invest your money, with a range of opportunities and strategies to maximize the amount of passive income you can earn. Your risk appetite, the amount of money and energy you’re willing to invest, as well as your financial goals, all go into determining where, when and how to best invest. […]