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Brandon Beavis’ Day at addy

Influencer and investor Brandon Beavis below a banner that reads: day at addy

addy strives to not only make real estate accessible for everyone, but also explain how and why investing in real estate can be advantageous. That’s because commercial real estate in particular has traditionally been closed off to the average Canadian. addy’s crowdfunding platform, however, opens to the doors to those interested in diversification and passive […]

7288 Maple Street has Dropped!

Purpose-Built Rental Development Opportunity in?Mission, BC 7288 Maple Street has dropped! This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a 6-storey, 105-Unit Purpose-Built Rental Development in BC’s Booming Fraser Valley. There is $500,000 available on this one. We’ve got all the details on our property page and you can learn more from the […]

What are Purpose-Built Rentals?

Computer generated crane lifting a building with a thinking emoji and flying stack of money next to it.

A country-wide interest in purpose-built rental buildings continues to gain steam, as developers move away from a focus on condos to these condo-adjacent buildings designed for renters. These buildings present curious opportunities for investors while also having an impact on the livability of a particular city or town. addy’s investment opportunity in Mission, B.C. is […]

What’s so Special About the Fraser Valley?

The Fraser Valley is a most beautiful part of Canada, a vast region in B.C. filled with stunning vistas, local shops and farms, and an abundance of nature. While a tourist destination, the area is also attracting those seeking to settle down, particularly as families desire more space and working from home is available to […]

Mission BC Rental Development Property Coming Soon

Our 20th property sold out last week and we are preparing the next addy to drop.  This next one might be familiar to some addy members. Sneak Peek: Don’t miss out? Become an addy member today and get your account all setup so that you are ready to go. This details for this next property […]

Maple View Heights is Fully Funded – and Holds a Secret

Maple View Secret

Maple View Heights is SOLD OUT! 1000+ Canadians with an average investment of about $400 are now proud owners of a piece of our first development located in Mission, BC. Check out what our Member Services guru, Edward, has to say about it (watch to the end for a secret!)… It’s time to get the […]

Maple View Heights addy has Dropped!

Architectural Renderings

Maple View Heights Apartments has dropped!!! It’s a purpose-built rental development in BC’s booming Fraser Valley that will have 11 affordable housing units. This is addy’s first true development! There is $500,000 available on this opportunity. We’ve got all the details on the Maple View Heights Apartments property page and you can learn more below. Invest […]

addy’s First Purpose-Built Rental: Meet Darcy Ulmer

Darcy Ulmer - Partner & Co-founder, Stream Property Partners

We love our General Partners (GPs) and the unique projects each undertake. Maple View Heights Apartments in Mission, BC is next up on the addy platform. We feel its really special one because it’s going to be a purpose-built rental building with 11 affordable housing units. We met up with Darcy Ulmer, the GP on […]

Meet Maple View Heights Apartments: Dropping the Week of July 19

Architectural Renderings

Our next addy is the Maple View Heights Apartments in Mission, BC! It’s a purpose-built rental development in the booming Fraser Valley that will have 11 affordable housing units. This is our first true development. The Plan Complete the development of a six-storey, 105-unit, purpose-built rental apartment building on a 1.08-acre site. Own and operate […]