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Systemic Risk vs. Systematic Risk

Systemic risk vs systematic risk

In order to make money through investing, you have to endure some amount of risk. No opportunity is a slam dunk. While in some cases risk can be extremely low, it also means that your return likely isn’t that high. Indeed, every opportunity presents a balancing act between risk and return. There are ways to […]

addy Answers: Why Should I Invest in Real Estate?

Text reading Why Should I Invest? with real estate proeprties surrounding it

Real estate is far more than just a place to reside, work or conduct business. Real estate can also be potentially lucrative, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial in nature. Even buying a piece of land offers a chance at income. Here are some key reasons why you should invest in real estate. Real estate […]

How to Buy Canadian Real Estate with No Credit

There are a lot of barriers to owning property for many people, especially for younger generations who believe that the system is set up against them. One of those barriers is a credit score, which is influenced by a range of factors and is taken into consideration when seeking a mortgage approval. However, there is […]

Real Estate Tips for 20-Year-Olds

There is a lot for younger generations to get discouraged about when it comes to real estate. Ever-rising housing prices across the country, paired with low supply and fierce bidding wars, are squashing the dreams of home ownership for many Millennials. Gen Zers, meanwhile, may never even have thought of the possibility based on the […]

5 Successful Real Estate Investing Tips

Real estate offers a world of opportunity when it comes to earning money in the near and distant future. The right investment brings about passive income, whether through a REIT, direct ownership or addy’s unique crowdfunding platform. Still, despite a booming Canadian real estate market, investing takes proper planning, understanding and money upfront. Here are […]

The Best Way to Make Passive Income in Real Estate

After working hard for your money and collecting it in your bank account, you’ve got the opportunity to make your money work hard for you. Or at least do some light labour to earn a little bit more on the side. Passive income refers to the money one earns through little effort. In most cases, […]

Invest in Real Estate Online

With hidden fees, complex jargon and a general feeling of exclusivity, investing in real estate can be tough. For many millennials, barriers to property ownership may feel insurmountable, as if the game is simply stacked against you. Online real estate investment should not only be convenient, but accessible to everyone, regardless of their cultural background, […]

Investing For His Children: How CBC’s Financial Columnist, Mark Ting, Invests with addy

Mark Ting Headshot

Mark Ting is a Partner and Private Wealth Manager of Foundation Wealth, is CBC’s Financial Columnist for On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko and a Personal Finance instructor at SFU. He also happens to be a new addy member! Mark spotlighted addy during his latest chat with Margaret Gallagher: check it out: Prefer to read […]