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874 Sherbrooke has Dropped!

874 Sherbrooke has dropped! This is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a boutique hotel, which currently consist of 18 rooms and a commercial unit located in Montreal, QC. There is $350,000 available on this one. We’ve got all the details on our property page. Learn more about Montreal crowdfunded real estate and […]

addy Suite Giveaway

The latest addy property coming available for members is a momentous one, for a few different reasons. It’s our first property located in Quebec, which means addy is opening up membership to residents of age of majority in Quebec. It’s also our 20th property, which is a great milestone. Lastly, because the property is to […]

874 Sherbrooke Property Drop Plan: Varies By Province As We Open Up Quebec

addy’s forthcoming property drop brings with it some new opportunities and a few challenges as we continue to break barriers in Canadian crowdfunding real estate. Located at 874 Sherbrooke St. E. on the edge of downtown Montreal, it’s the first property located in Quebec and as such, the first property offered to residents of Quebec. We’ve […]

What is the addy Suite?

With the latest property, addy members have the chance to enjoy something beyond their potential return on investment. The plan for 874 Sherbrooke St. E. in Montreal centers on renovating and upgrading the current 18-room boutique hotel into a modern smart hotel. That means when the hotel opens for business, addy members can actually book […]

What is a Smart Hotel?

In the comfort of your own smart home, everything is accessible and efficient. You can control appliances by an app, set up sensors to trigger lights and adjust the temperature and of course control what you want to watch on TV, when you want to watch it. So why can’t these conveniences come with you […]

Montreal Crowdfunded Real Estate

Like just about everywhere else in Canada, the Montreal real estate market is on the rise, with property prices increasing alongside demand. The latest addy on Sherbrooke St., in a bustling neighbourhood just on the edge of downtown, looks to capitalize on the booming market. It’s a prime location for a smart hotel welcoming tourists, […]