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Remote Work & The Extended Stay Hotel

Miniprop of 2048 St Denis addy with emojis of a bed, work and clock.

A lot has changed in the last couple years, especially when it comes to work. Specifically, where, when and how we work. For those fortunate enough to work some or all of the time remotely, a world of possibilities has opened up. As a result, the travel industry is adapting too. We recently dove into […]

What is a Smart Hotel?

In the comfort of your own smart home, everything is accessible and efficient. You can control appliances by an app, set up sensors to trigger lights and adjust the temperature and of course control what you want to watch on TV, when you want to watch it. So why can’t these conveniences come with you […]

Montreal Crowdfunded Real Estate

Like just about everywhere else in Canada, the Montreal real estate market is on the rise, with property prices increasing alongside demand. The latest addy on Sherbrooke St., in a bustling neighbourhood just on the edge of downtown, looks to capitalize on the booming market. It’s a prime location for a smart hotel welcoming tourists, […]