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2068 Townsend in Sooke has Dropped!

2068 Townsend in Sooke, BC has dropped! This is your opportunity to invest in the ownership of 12,068 square feet, six residential unit property located in this beautiful west coast town. There is $370,000 available on for this property. We’ve got all the details on our property page, and you can learn more from the […]

T’Sou-ke Nation in Sooke, BC

T’Sou-ke Nation At the southern tip of Vancouver Island is the community of Sooke, a beautiful town with mountain views and oceanfront opportunities. With a growing population of over 13,000, this idyllic setting is a quick drive from Victoria and a frequent tourist destination for those seeking stunning vistas, recreational pursuits and lively artistic expression. […]

Meet Brian Roche, President of Rendition Developments

Rendition Developments Colab

addy acts a limited partner in investment opportunities available on our platform, allowing members to take part alongside us. It is the General Partner, or GP, on every deal that is tasked with any management, development or maintenance of a property. Allow us to introduce to you Brian Roche, the GP on our latest opportunity […]