Investing in real estate allows you to #GetRichSlow. You’re not just buying and selling shares across a day like stocks; instead, you’re putting money towards a relatively illiquid asset class that has the chance to generate passive income over years to come.

Issuers offer investment opportunities in institutional grade commercial real estate properties across Canada with addy technology. They forecast a timetable for distributions and the potential return on investment; some of the investments may be only a couple years, while others may involve a term of 10 years or more.

Savvy, patient investors have already seen distributions to their addy wallets. We call these exciting events Owners’ Days, as we consider the addy community who have invested in a particular property, fractional owners.

This page details which properties so far have returned capital, including how often and exactly how much. We will update this list as distributions and exits occur. (Last updated June 2023).

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The Lex

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Chilliwack Starbucks

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The Park at Willowglen

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J.S Colton-Fox Building

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Airdrie Block

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Invest through addy

Anyone can invest in properties on addy’s platform; if you’re already a member, refer a friend and you’ll both earn $25 to your addy wallet to put towards investments. If you’re not a member, get in on the action today and hopefully earn some passive income tomorrow.

addy really unlocked real estate investment opportunity to anyone and made it so simple. I can’t wait to see next my investment opportunity!

Yukari Mukai / Google Review
addy is the easiest, most efficient way for investing in real estate I’ve experienced. Wow.
Craig Roberts / Google Review

It was an easy way to invest some funds in real estate that I would normally not be able to afford on my own. It’s great to be part of something that is creating a new way of investing.

Klaus / Toronto, ON

My wife and I are excited to have discovered addy, and invested in a Starbucks location nearby — it’s nice to be able to participate in owning commercial real estate without putting up a bunch of money, and knowing we can drive by it anytime makes it more fun than buying stocks!

Shawn / Nanaimo, BC

This is God sent, if you ask me. A chance to own a slice of commercial properties all over the country. An opportunity I otherwise wouldn’t have had had it not been for addy. I can’t thank addy enough. I eagerly await for addys to drop and with each investment, I know I’m actively improving my financial future.

Jocelyn Armah / Google Review

Addy is the perfect tool, taking all the guess work out of buying commercial real estate, something that until recently was only accessible to the wealthiest 1% of the population. What a great disruptive concept in a capitalist system that is quite frankly uneven.

G Blightt / Google Review

Addy is a awesome opportunity for average people to invest in real estate.
So glad someone like addy came around to make this possible!
God bless you guys !! Here to years of more opportunities !

Edwin S / Google Review
Absolutely easy and rewarding program! Easiest way for us millennials to get into real estate with low minimums. And the team are always super helpful when you have any questions and are always knowledgeable.
Logan Bryan / Google Review
Addy is disrupting the real-estate investing world. Anyone can invest in the market with Addy. It allows people to invest small amount of money in great project. Addy is managed by innovative team. I encourage everyone to check Addy!
Feras Ghesen / Google Review
Excited to work with the business in the future! Very friendly and understanding customer service, and easy to work with.
Ryan / Google Review
This is my new favourite company. Love everything they’re doing and being able to invest in their deals.
David Atwell / Google Review
Truly makes real estate investment accessible for everyone! Thanks Addy for bringing this to Canada!
Joe A / Google Review
Great and innovative platform to invest and diversify risk in real estate without risking a large sum of your capital!
Rahul Harisinghani / Google Review
Great projects, easy to use, Get in on the ground floor big things coming for these guys!
Andre Gagnon / Google Review
So far I have nothing but good things to say about the platform. Great transparent deals.
A Non / Google Review

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